My name is Amber Steingard and I am the owner of Lakeside Restorations. I live in Barrie, Ontario with my husband, daughter and our dog. A few things to get to know me; I love coffee, good food, the outdoors and travelling and someday I’d be quite happy to own some sheep ;).

I have always loved to create, sometimes that’s taken the form of cooking or photography or crafting but there’s just something about painting! I remember refinishing furniture as a kid helping out my parents with projects from time to time and I continued to do so when I had a home of my own. I wanted to find an option for work that I could do from home to spend more time with our daughter and so I started refinishing furniture and selling pieces. As time went on the demand for custom jobs increased and Lakeside Restorations was born.

I now sell pieces that I have restored as well as providing custom jobs for clients as well. I am also a Country Chic Paint retailer and love helping people complete their own projects too. Thanks for stopping by!

I offer custom refinishing services. If you’re looking to have furniture restored contact me to book. Please include the dimensions of your piece(s), a photo and a description of what look you are desiring and I will provide a quote.

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