From adding soft, subtle hints of glam to solid coverage for a bold metallic look, you can use Metallic Cream to show off your creative flair. We love the way Belt Buckle looks when paired with Wanderess, or Pocket Watch when paired with Full Bloom. You can also mix Metallic Cream with Clear Glaze to create your very own metallic glaze!

Application of this Country Chic Paint product couldn’t be easier: Metallic Cream is wonderfully thick and velvety and can be used just as it is, right out of the jar. Simply apply the metallic cream of your choice with a sponge or paint brush directly to your piece, or apply over a base coat of paint in a similar color to create an opaque metallic finish.

Metallic Cream is quite durable on its own, but if you require extra protection you can seal your piece with Clear Coat or Tough Coat.

Metallic Cream Product Features:

  • Available in five colors: Silver Bullet (silver), Pocket Watch (gold), Belt Buckle (bronze), Trigger (pewter), Lucky Penny (copper)
  • Adds stunning, unique detailing to any piece
  • Water-based and eco-friendly; contains NO harsh chemical additives such as phthalates, formaldehyde, heavy metals, or solvents
  • Very easy to apply!